Leiva’s Coffee: Drink the Change You Want to See

What if we told you that you could make a positive difference in someone’s life by your choice of morning coffee? Over 100 million Americans drink coffee everyday, which is 100 million opportunities, per day, to provide an opportunity for a Guatemalan farmer to support his family.

It is for this reason the Leiva family stamps their products with the hashtag #CoffeeWithAPurpose.

On average, coffee bean farmers only profit a measly $.10 of each dollar spent on coffee, while the rest goes to the transporter, exporter, roaster, and local shops. That means for each $14 bag of coffee bought, approximately $6.30 goes to the local shop, $4.20 to the exporter, $2.10 to the transporter, and a mere $1.40 to the farmer. Local shops make almost half of the profit on each bag of coffee for displaying the product while the farmers doing the physical labor make only 10%.

It was on a flight from Guatemala to Arkansas that Geovanni Leiva came across the Proverb: “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” It was this Proverb that gave him the revelation that sparked what is now Leiva’s Coffee; family harvested, exported, roasted, and sold. Geovanni sells his family’s coffee directly to his customers, eliminating the need—and costs, of a middleman. Meanwhile, the profit from the coffee directly benefits the Guatemalan communities where the bean is grown.

Geovanni has built more than a business. He has built a community of linked arms that exceeds the boundaries of not only the state, but the country.

“Leiva’s Coffee has become fresh water wells for villages, churches for the faithful and schools for youngsters. Every bit of profit earned by Leiva’s Coffee helps Guatemalan families afford medicine for the elders and education for their young.”

What backs this daring journey into entrepreneurship? Geovanni attributes it to his faith and considers his business to be “a direct opportunity from God to change the world around me.”

As for the taste behind the company’s slogan “It tastes good, it does good,” the beans come directly from Geovanni’s family farm, where the beans are chemical-free, harvested by hand, and sun dried. After he imports the beans from Guatemala, Geovanni roasts twice a week with his state of the art roaster. The Leivas deliver or ship their product only two days after it is roasted, guaranteeing quality and freshness. They also follow up by praying for each of their customers by name, daily.

Geovanni views this opportunity as a privilege; he states that Leiva’s coffee is his way of showing God’s love to the world. He also shares the experience with his two boys, age 5 and 8. They frequently help their father roast and deliver the coffee.

The Leiva family has made the North Little Rock Athletic Club their second home and integrated into the 501 Crossfit community.

When asked what Geovanni would like to share with others, he replied:

“Behind every cup of Leiva’s coffee, there is a family who depends on that cup of coffee you drink each morning. That’s why you should consider making it a part of your daily routine and join the circle of locked arms.”

To find the details on Leiva’s history and production, visit www.LeivasCoffee.com